Out of Range, Re-pair/ Reconnect

Out of Range

If having issues reconnecting after bringing headset from out of range to back in range, turn the headset off and on again.

Not Able to Re-Pair

If the GSP 670 is already paired with a dongle, you must first disconnect before re-pairing. The GSP 670 can only be disconnected from the dongle if no audio is streaming. After stopping the audio, the disconnection is possible after approx. 20 seconds.

Note: Audio streaming occurs on the PS4 even when the game is paused or stopped. Likewise, audio will still be streaming on PC if the "Microphone Page" of the Gaming Suite is open. In this case the PS4 must be turned off or the dongle removed from the PS4 before paring with another device.

Re connection

When reconnecting the GSP 670 after powering it on, the headset will first reconnect to the dongle/device that it was connected to most recently. If audio is currently being streamed via a connected dongle/device, the headset will not attempt connection to a second dongle/device.