GSP 670 communication not working Issue- Capture Driver logs from the PC

In order to troubleshoot driver issues, TraceView application can be used.

Download the Traceview ZIP file and extract it.

Type Traceview in the windows search bar, right click on the folder and run as administrator.

Then click "File" → "Create New Log Session"

Then click "Add Provider", then choose “Manually entered control GUID”.

Need to use this GUID value:DEC0CA40-F27E-40D6-BC85-12981C58A1C1

Click “OK”.

If asked to choose “Format information source select”, choose ‘Auto’ and “OK”.

Then click "Next >”.

On the next screen, make sure that "Real time Display" is selected.

Also need to click "Log Trace Event Data To File" and choose the file name/folder.

The folder can be selected by clicking "..." next to log file name. (Otherwise, TraceView may use the folder it was installed into or a previously used folder).

Click "Finish". Now the application will automatically show trace logs from the audio driver and will save the information into a file.

If the TraceView application is running correctly, it should produce some output in its screen whenever a device is plugged in/unplugged or when audio streaming starts/stops.

As soon as the debugging session is complete, need to quit the application (File → Exit).

The log file (*.ETL) will be saved automatically.