Basic Troubleshooting

1. Have you followed the user guide for the GSP 670. If not, you can download the user guide
here: Userguide

It’s important to have the settings according to the user guide, otherwise several functions do not work as intended.

2. Have you tried the Dongle on other USB Ports?

3. Make sure your dongle, your GSP 670 headset and the Gaming Suite software are all updated.

4. Please try out the headset/dongle on a different PC / Laptop to see if the problem is related to headset/dongle or the device.

5. Do you have any other audio software installed? If so, please uninstall as these might interfere with sound.

6. We don't support the use of third-party devices with our gaming headsets. They can interfere with communication between gaming headsets and computer. Unsupported third-party devices include: - KVM switch boxes - Port replicators - Docking stations - USB hubs NOTE: The manufacturers of these third-party devices implement headset support in different ways. There is currently no industry standard.

7. Please try uninstalling any (unused) drivers using this tool:,0301-13254.html

Unplug dongle; Download the tool; double-click USBDeview; you will get a list of installed drivers.

The ones in use are denoted in green. It is best if you uninstall all the drivers that are not in use, but if you want to be cautious just right-click on all the USB audio and USB composite devices that are not highlighted in green and of course the GSA 70, GSP 670 drivers; then select 'uninstall selected devices'.