Surround Dongle Troubleshooting

Surround Dongle Software is not booting or causes PC freeze & crash / The Surround Dongle button stays red, what to do?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please make sure that you downloaded the Surround Dongle Software and thoroughly follow the user guide, which you can download online: Sennheiser Gaming Downloads Page
  2. Have you tried the GSP 350 on USB 2.0 Ports? Please do so, as USB 3.0 seems to cause issues.
  3. We don't support the use of third-party devices with our gaming headsets. They can interfere with communication between gaming headsets and computer.
    Unsupported third-party devices include:
    • KVM switch boxes
    • Port replicators
    • Docking stations
    • USB hubs

      NOTE: The manufacturers of these third-party devices implement headset support in different ways. There is currently no industry standard.
  4. Please try out the headset on a different device to see if the issue comes from the headset or the PC.
  5. Do you have any other audio software installed? If so, please uninstall as it might interfere with sound.
  6. If the issues still persist, we recommend to completely remove the Surround Dongle from your device manager and re-install it with following steps:

    Download the CleanSweep tool - Link - and follow the Surround Dongle article for removing the GSP 350 Surround Sound dongle from your computer.
  1. As a very last resort, a clean install of Windows 10 and of all software worked for some customers.