Uninstalling driver for the GSX Series

The following procedure can be used in order to uninstall the driver of the GSX Series and perform a fresh installation of the driver.

  1. Open Device Manager and navigate to "Universal Series Bus Controllers."
  2. To uninstall the driver, you need to find the "USB Composite Device" in device manager, which is your GSX 1000 / 1200 Pro.
  3. In the picture below, there are 5 "USB Composite Device" in total, in this case, we have to determine the correct one.
  4. Right-click each"USB Composite Device" and follow the steps outlined in the three pictures below in order to find the GSX 1000/1200 Pro, repeat these steps until you find the GSX 1000/1200Pro
  5. Remove the USB cable from the USB port and reboot your PC, do not reconnect the USB cable to the computer yet.
  6. Once your PC is powered on again plug in the GSX 1000/GSX 1200 Pro and Windows will automatically install the required drivers.