Troubleshooting steps GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro

Below you can find common troubleshooting steps for the GSX 1000, and GSX 1200 Pro.

1. Have you followed the user guide for the GSX 1000 or GSX 1200 Pro?

It is very important to set up the GSX according to the user guide, failure to do so may result in poor audio quality.

2. Have you tried the GSX 1000 / 1200 Pro with different USB Ports? Please note that USB 2.0 ports may also be used.

3. We don't support the use of third-party devices with our gaming devices, as they can interfere with communication between our gaming headset and a computer.

Unsupported third-party devices include:

  • KVM switch boxes
  • Port replicators
  • Docking stations
  • USB hubs

NOTE: The manufacturers of these third-party devices implement headset support in different ways. There is currently no industry standard.

4. Please try out the GSX on a different device to see if the problem is related to the headset or the PC. We do not shy away from concluding that the GSX might be defective, but in case the source of the issue might be your PC, a warranty swap (which means delivery of your current products to one of our Repair Centers, and then waiting for repair/replacement) will not solve the issue, and will create a delay in order to resolve said issue, as you will have to wait for a replacement product which could encounter the same exact problems.

5. Do you have any other audio software installed? If so, please uninstall as these might interfere with the audio.

6. If the issues still persist, try to completely remove the surround dongle from your device manager and re-install it.