Installation GSX 1000 & GSX 1200 Pro

1.Plug in your GSX 1000 or GSX 1200 Pro and wait for Windows to automatically install the device (wait for approx. two minutes).

  1. Right click the sound icon and select “playback devices”.

  1. Set the “Speakers GSX 1000 Main Audio” to default device and set the “Headset Earphone GSX Communication Device” to default communication device. Then click Recording.
  2. In the Recording tab select the “Microphone GSX 1000 Communication Device” as default device – please note that no other microphone should be selected as default communication device. Please make sure that you are not using the microphone in the front of your laptop as your communication device.
  3. Double click “GSX 1000 Communication Microphone” and select Levels. Here you will find Windows own microphone gain. Setting the level to 70-80 will lead to a balanced natural sounding voice, and additional gain can be handled in the separate chat program or on the GSX 1200 Pro left chat wheel. Click OK.
  4. Go back to Playback and left click “Speakers GSX 1000 Main Audio”, and click Configure as shown in the picture.

  1. Set the audio to 7.1 and click Next 3 times and click finish to end.

  1. Your audio is now set up correctly in Windows.

Special Windows 8 Issue

When connecting the GSX 1000 or GSX 1200 Pro to a Windows 8 machine, you might need an additional step in order to setup your device correctly.

Besides the steps mentioned above, please double check about the settings in your chat program of choice.


How to setup with GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro

  1. Check that your Windows settings are correct by following the installation guide.
  2. Open up Discordapp and click Settings as indicated.

  1. Click Voice and select input device to GSX 1000 Communication Device and Output device to GSX 1000 Communication Device

  1. Set the input volume to 100% and Output device to 100%. Please note that there is an option to set output device up to 200% adding additional Gain to your microphone. We recommend not changing this initially. In case you experience being too quiet you can add additional microphone gain here. We recommend you click the “Automatic determine input sensitivity” as this has a good balance of recognizing when you speak and closing the microphone path when no voice is detected.

  1. Click advanced settings and turn off the following;
    1. Echo Cancellation
    2. Noise Suppresion
    3. Automatic Gain Control

On the GSX 1200 Pro you have the option to adjust gain control on the device by adjusting the small chat wheel on the left side of the product.

  1. Click Done and you are ready to go


  1. Open TeamSpeak and go to the Settings drop down menu and select Options (alternatively hit Alt+P) as indicated below:

  1. In the Options menu, set Playback device to Headset Earphone GSX 1000 Communication Audio. Leave the rest of the settings as standard – see picture for reference.
  2. Go to the Capture tab, and set the Capture device to Microphone (GSX 1000 Communication Audio). Then make sure echo reduction and echo cancellation is turned off. Click advanced options, and make sure that “remove background noise” and “automatic voice gain control” is turned off. The reason you need to turn these off is that the GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro comes with a EPOS echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithm, and if you have multiple programs trying to do the same the end results can vary in quality.

  1. Click Apply and then OK and you good to go.