GSA 3 Ear padsEar pads for H3 and H3 Hybrid

Enjoy exceptional comfort and good acoustic seal with EPOS GSA 3 official replacement ear pads for the H3 Black, H3 White, H3 Hybrid Black and H3 Hybrid White gaming headsets – with thick memory foam with durable leatherette exterior and suede feel fabric against the skin for tactile comfort.

Key features

  • Thick, Soft Memory Foam
  • Dual Fabrics - Comfort and Durability
  • Shaped for Fit and Acoustic Isolation
  • Multi-compatibility

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Thick, Soft Memory Foam

Designed to mold itself to the ear and head, responds to heat and pressure

Dual Fabrics - Comfort and Durability

Suede-like fabric against skin for feel, leatherette outside for endurance