Surpass traditional surround sound

Allow us to introduce exceptional surround sound with our own Binaural Rendering Engine and Digital Amplification by EPOS.

Games are now developed with sound so detailed and immersive that they require the very best audio technology to experience them as the developers intended. Our passion for perfection in audio has driven us to develop the ultimate technology for this purpose: EPOS surround sound.

EPOS surround sound does not simply deliver audio comparable to the standard 7.1 surround sound setup. It allows us to experience a game’s sound environment just as we experience sound in the real world.

Guessing the location of an enemy is a thing of the past. With EPOS surround sound binaural rendering engine, we can tell the exact position a shot was fired from and we know whether it came from an assault rifle or a high-powered sniper rifle.

EPOS surround sound results from EPOS’s extensive research and technological achievements in the field of psycho-acoustics - the science of sound perception. We have used our understanding of how human anatomy and the brain capture and perceive sound to create a sense of realistic immersion.

If you are in an RPG and two characters are having a conversation to your right, with EPOS surround sound the sound arrives at your right ear before it reaches your left ear – just as it does in the real world.

Our binaural rendering engine actually takes the position of your ears into account. Wearing an EPOS gaming headset, sound effects follow your movement, so that when a fire is burning on your left and you turn your head to the right, you hear the fire burning behind you.

You are, simply, immersed in the game’s sound world.

Be the center of the world – wherever you play

Other headsets use multiple drivers in each ear cup to create surround sound, rendering blurred audio. At EPOS, we create headsets with a single, powerful driver to render rich, crisp, and precise sound. With our technology, you will always feel that you are at the center of the world, whatever you do and however you move. You can identify your opponent’s spell and tell where they are hiding, all while forgetting you are even wearing a headset.

It has taken us the better part of a decade to perfect EPOS surround sound in pursuit of the deepest immersion in surround sound. This binaural technology allows us to generate a sound experience capable of genuinely serving a player’s moment-to-moment needs, regardless of the game.

EPOS surround sound powers our GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro audio amplifiers and our EPOS Gaming Suite, effectively transforming your stereo headset into a virtual surround sound headset simply by plugging it in.

There is nothing like the power of binaural immersion – apart from real life.

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