Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions

EXPAND Line - Seamless collaboration

Connecting colleagues is the challenge of today’s hybrid workplace. With the EXPAND Line we’ve raised the bar when it comes to teamwork. All our speakerphones help you set up conference calls seamlessly and instantly with superior audio. They are easy to connect, intuitive to manage and configure themselves automatically with all your devices. EXPAND Line speakerphones also have variants that are certified for Microsoft Teams and suitable for Microsoft Teams Rooms, meaning they ensure a seamless Teams experience when uniting across locations, borders and time zones. The EXPAND Line gives you the freedom to turn any space into a hassle-free virtual meeting room, anywhere in the world. Intuitive and exceptionally easy to use, every solution is designed and crafted to perfection with best-in-class voice pick-up and guaranteeing outstanding sound for you, your team, and your customers.

Empower your teams with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Now that the hybrid workplace is our working reality, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Teams Rooms to empower teams regardless of their individual locations in a richer and more interactive collaboration experience. All our EXPAND Line meeting solutions that are certified for Microsoft Teams can be used with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Dedicated Microsoft Teams button

In an instant, you can launch the Microsoft Teams application via a dedicated button on the EXPAND Line speakerphones. This makes activation easier than ever and ensures that you can focus on the task at hand. This integration provides you with the best possible audio quality for your meetings. It means you can jump straight into your meetings quickly and easily, at home, at work, on the go, and everywhere in between.

A seamless collaboration experience

You also get full call control of the Teams platform from your EPOS certified device. This means you can answer/end calls, mute or put calls on hold, as well as control volume. In addition, the LED on the dedicated button will provide Teams notifications on your EPOS device via a pulsing light, indicating whether you’ve had a missed call, voice message or if the meeting has started.


Unite colleagues with a premium, scalable Bluetooth® speakerphone for up to 7 in-room participants. Be heard with six adaptive, beamforming microphones that isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise. A superior speaker for rich, natural sound.


Portable, wireless, Bluetooth® speakerphone with exceptional audio performance. Supports both personal and small to medium sized conferencing for up to 8 people. Certified for Microsoft Teams. Includes Bluetooth® USB dongle

EXPAND Capture 5

Level the playing field with an intelligent speaker that empowers your meeting participation whether working remotely or in the office. Transcribe your meetings automatically for quality collaborations as if all in the room together.