Communication Solutions for Healthcare

In today’s digital world exceptional healthcare service does not depend on front office staff and
clinicians alone. For healthcare professionals to provide high quality care and service in the digital age, secure, easy to use communication tools and technology are required to keep offices running smoothly and protect patient privacy.

What EPOS offers

Secure Call Communications

With the rise in telehealth care, the need for secure communication solutions that protect patients’ personal data has come to the forefront. Security features such as pairing intrusion protection, DECT encryption and DECT Security Certification ensure that private data is protected during calls.

Clear Audio Calls

EPOS audio headsets empower modern healthcare professionals with superior call performance. Noise cancelling microphones provide clear communications in busy offices, while EPOS Voice™ technology improves speech intelligibility, providing for a better conversation between doctors, healthcare professional and patients.

Seamless Collaboration

Today’s healthcare professionals need to be able to connect with both patients and colleagues for educational, training and consultation purposes irrespective of physical distance. In order to achieve this the right plug-and-play tools are required to ensure increased efficiency and absolute ease of use.

Explore our solutions for healthcare

As virtual consultations have become standard practice and remote conferencing and collaboration is being relied upon more than ever, front office staff and clinicians need the right tools and technology to connect with patients and colleagues.

Healthcare System Professionals

Ideal for front office staff and administrative professionals, the IMPACT Line of headsets empowers users with superior call performance and call security.

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Doctors and Medical Professionals

Wireless headsets deliver the freedom to move around the office and provide a perfect listening experience in virtual consultations. For clinicians who need a conferencing solution with truly exceptional audio, the EXPAND 30 Series makes it possible to set up a call at a moment’s notice.

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Conferencing and collaboration

For healthcare professionals who need simple, effective video conferencing. The EXPAND Vision 3 Series is an all-in-one video conferencing solution that is easy to set-up and easy to install. Together with our EXPAND Lines of speakerphones you can create remote meetings that feel natural, inclusive and effortless.

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Thin Client Partners

EPOS’ thin client partners help us to provide healthcare providers with a secure, scalable and affordable way to stay in control of their audio assets and manage remote endpoints.

EPOS Digital Solutions

EPOS digital solutions work on Thin Client Operating Systems (OS) to allow high security industries such as healthcare to use safe device management software, facilitating IT departments in maintenance of EPOS digital devices across the organization.

EPOS Manager

Optimize your business and boost employee performance with a free, flexible and secure tool that manages your audio devices.

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EPOS Connect

Update your EPOS devices with the latest firmware and personalize your audio settings to ensure flawless operation.

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