November 12: Read more about our sessions

3:00 p.m. (CET)

Going virtual. Reimagining business as usual

Anita Caras and Mark Melling

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and the digital transformation of businesses has gone into overdrive courtesy of the current Coronavirus pandemic. The widespread adoption of home working and the recent social upheaval has forced a change in how businesses look at their places, spaces and working practices. The social distancing policies of the COVID-19 pandemic represent a global trial run of what may become a new normal. As we adjusted to home isolation, technology became our sole platform for community and collaboration. Using their latest Global Study on the Future Of Work as a backdrop, Anita Caras (Research Director at Verizon Media) and Mark Melling (Head of RYOT Studio EMEA // 5G Lead EMEA at Verizon Media) will discuss the impact the virus has had and showcase how these digital environments are now changing the ways we look at civic, social, and professional engagement forever.

This session will provide you with:

  • An overview of the opinions of 1700 Global business leaders on the new business reality
  • Reveal the key drivers organisations are focusing on to reimagine the corporate future
  • Evaluate how consumers are responding to these changes & their levels of adoption of immersive technologies
  • Showcase the opportunities for content curation & live events

4:00 p.m. (CET)

The World of Work in the 21st century

Philip Ross

Philip Ross, Futurist and CEO, explores how the world of work is evolving. A big advocate of the power of technology and its potential to disrupt and transform the way we work and live, join Philip as he investigates the driving forces enabling workplace change. In his presentation, he will cover key workplace trends such as smart buildings, digital transformation, new ways of working and many other cutting-edge ideas to present his vision of the future of work and workplace.

5:00 p.m. (CET)

Thin Clients and Premium Audio - a Combination of Sound and Security for Better Customer Experiences.

Robert Moore and Trey Baumgardner

Join Trey Baumgardner from IGEL and Robert Moore from EPOS in this panel-style discussion lead by UC Today’s David Dungay as they discuss how security, mobility, and the effects of the pandemic are directly related, and how an Edge OS or Thin Client can help mitigate unforeseen business interruptions. Watch as they discuss how businesses can use their existing hardware to stay safe and keep their devices updated remotely, saving them from having to purchase new equipment or constantly refresh old devices. In a COVID-19 world, video communication is nice to have, but premium audio is a must have.