Google Meet

About Google Meet

Google Meet and EPOS

Google Meet is a secure, easy-to-use video conferencing solution that helps all kinds of people from students to professionals connect, communicate and collaborate. Meet is included with G Suite, G Suite Essentials, and G Suite for Education. EPOS and Google Meet has entered a partnership to get EPOS devices Certified for Meet and Google voice, thereby optimizing for remote learning and working.

ADAPT headsets certified for Google Meet

Add rich, natural sound and Active Noise Cancellation to your next Google Meet session with the newly certified, stylish and comfortable ADAPT 360, ADAPT 460, ADAPT 560 and ADAPT 660 headsets.

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The EXPAND SP 30+ is certified for Google Meet

The EXPAND SP 30+ is EPOS’ first speakerphone certified for Google Meet and is a portable, easy-to-use speakerphone that enables communication with excellent sound quality on both sides of the call.

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Google Meet certified headsets

For talk-centric professionals and teams spending long hours in video conferences we recommend the following Google Meet certified headsets



BT in-ear neckband UC headset



BT ANC Headset w/ Dongle & Case