Reimagining Education with High-Quality Audio

A New Whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan & EPOS
Education today is undergoing a fast and fundamental change. Responding to the massive impact on the education system, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, requires making long term, sustainable changes. The future of education must be resilient, equitable and high quality.
From Crisis to Opportunity
Out of crises often emerge new opportunities for innovation and improvement. The long-term implications to invest in better education for every individual hinge on making huge leaps that enhance learning in more CONNECTED, DIGITIZED and EFFICIENT ways.

We should seize the opportunity to find new ways to address the learning crisis and bring about a set of solutions previously considered difficult or impossible to implement

United Nations, 2020

The Hybrid Learning Imperative—Improve Engagement and Inclusivity
The global pandemic has catalysed the necessity for digital transformation throughout the entire education sector. Adoption of robust online learning tools has become a table stake today. It will not only prepare educational institutions better for disaster recovery but also become a sustainable means to improve the quality and reach of education.
Hybrid Learning – Changing the What, Why and How of Education
The change from physical to virtual and hybrid education heralds an opportunity for education to become more inclusive, more relevant, less expensive and with the potential to be more engaging. Beyond replicating a physical class/lecture through audio video capabilities, learning institutions are now using a range of collaboration tools and engagement methods that promote “inclusion, personalization and intelligence”.

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