Artificial Intelligence and EPOS AITM

At EPOS, we strive to be at the forefront of what is technically possible. That’s why we are delighted to introduce our latest technological breakthrough and an industry first: EPOS AITM. This white paper delves deeper into Artificial Intelligence—or AI— and how we integrate it into our headphones.

Updated 01/02/24

AI is quickly changing the way we live. We have seen it moving into our daily lives. Take, for example, personal assistants that, by using machine learning and AI, can predict our actions and get smarter by doing so. It is no surprise that we can observe the same developments at work, especially as we become more mobile, versatile, and flexible.

What is EPOS AITM?

Developed by a team of EPOS engineers, EPOS AITM is a tiny but powerful network that can separate human voices from other extraneous sounds. Using deep learning in a sophisticated sound laboratory, EPOS engineers have enabled EPOS AITM to “learn”.

Intelligent adaptive audio with ADAPT 660, powered by EPOS AITM

Our flagship headset, the groundbreaking ADAPT 660, is the world’s first UC-certified headset that incorporates a machine learning-enhanced voice pickup. This, along with adaptive active noise cancellation, offers superb clarity on both sides of the call. Combined with rich stereosound, ADAPT 660 helps today’s mobile workers maximize focus, boost efficiency, and increase productivity anywhere.

The Future of AI

At EPOS, we realize that we have barely scratched the surface of the vast potential AI offers. We look forward to creating technologies that help make lives richer, more productive, and more enjoyable for years to come.

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