EXPAND Control - Service Notes

Service Note 0278 - EXPAND Control - Touch Console - Firmware Release V1.7.23198.05

Service Note 0279 - EXPAND Control - Panel - Firmware Release V1.7.23195.06

EXPAND Control - 1.2.23034.01

- Updated the way of doing the factory reset of EXPAND Control
- The LED will be red on the side of the EXPAND Control, if the microphones in the EXPAND Vision 5 or EXPAND Vision 3 T are muted during a MS Teams call
- Total sync. in sleep mode between EXPAND Control and EXPAND Vision 3T.
If EXPAND Vision 3T goes to sleep, then the EXPAND Control will also go to sleep and if the EXPAND Control is clicked on then EXPAND Vision 3 T will automatically wake up
- Added capability of applying admin password and time format from EPOS Manager API, when scanning the QR code
- Traditional Chinese language is added in the settings app
- When EXPAND Control is paired with EXPAND Vision 5, the 'sleep' and 'screensaver' mode have been removed in the settings.
Going forward you can only use 'enable proximity sensor' in the settings

- The EXPAND Control is waking up on its own after a few minutes, when it should be in standby mode
- Not being able to sign-out from EXPAND Control, when paired with EXPAND Vision 3T, using a shared resource account
- When changing the time zones the tick icon appeared on two or more time zones
- When selecting sub time zone in the settings the app is crashing
- After launching in MS Teams, the setting admin password was not shown