Using ANC on ADAPT 660

Active noise cancelling (ANC) capability, allows you to block out unwanted background noise and letting you enjoy the best possible listening experience in all situations.

You can use ANC when listening to music or watching a movie, when using the headset to make a call, or even when it's not connected to anything at all to simply block out ambient noise.

You can use the switch on the side of the headset to switch on this feature, as well as to switch between its two basic modes.

Set to ‘0’ – ANC is switched off.

Set to ‘I’ – Adaptive or Personalized ANC . Adaptive ANC tailors the level of noise cancellation to the volume of the ambient background noise. When background noise is loud, noise cancellation is high - when background noise is low, noise cancellation is reduced.

In the EPOS Connect app, you can manually set the noise cancellation intensity - from 0% to 100%.

Set to ‘II’ – Standard (full) ANC is activated.