GSP 670 Audio, Pairing and connection issues

1. Missing Audio

If the GSP 670 is playing audio through USB and is also connected to the BlueTooth Dongle, Audio may be lost.

The audio returns, when the "Sound" window is closed or when the user returns to the "Playback" tab.

Also, be sure to GSP 670 is set as default device, not GSA 70.

2. Dongle Appears Dead

The dongle may appear dead if it is un-plugged and then re-plugged in multiple times. This is often caused by Windows because the “Descriptor Request” failed.

The dongle operation will be restored by un-plugging and plugging the dongle again.

3. Out of Range

If having issues reconnecting after bringing headset from out of range to back in range, turn the headset off and on again.

4. Not Able to Re-Pair

If the GSP 670 is already paired with a dongle, you must first disconnect before re-pairing. The GSP 670 can only be disconnected from the dongle if no audio is streaming. After stopping the audio, the disconnection is possible after approx. 20 seconds.

Note: Audio streaming occurs on the PS4 even when the game is paused or stopped. Likewise, audio will still be streaming on PC if the "Microphone Page" of the Gaming Suite is open. In this case the PS4 must be turned off or the dongle removed from the PS4 before paring with another device.

5. Scratching Audio

When GSP 670 is connected to Bluetooth, a scratching sound can sometimes be heard. This can easily be triggered when bringing the headset close to out of range.
When switching between Audio sources in Windows a click is sometimes heard.

The best audio performance is achieved by:

  • keep the distance between headset and dongle short - less than 10 m
  • keep a distance to radio transmitters like WiFi-routers, other BT equipment etc.
  • avoid blocking the line of sight between dongle and headset with metal and other solid materials

6. Missing or Wrong Enumeration

Sometimes Windows does not enumerate the dongle correctly. This has been seen when:

  • Powering on laptop
  • More than one dongle plugged
  • Re-plugging dongle several times
  • Reset/Power off/on USB hub

The dongle operation will be restored by un-plugging and plugging the dongle again.



When reconnecting the GSP 670 after powering it on, the headset will first reconnect to the dongle/device that it was connected to most recently. If audio is currently being streamed via a connected dongle/device, the headset will not attempt connection to a second dongle/device. Before connecting the device, the audio streaming in the first connected device must be stopped.

8. Clicks in audio when connected to iPhone

When connected to the dongle and to an iPhone, the user may experience clicks in audio. This is caused by the iPhone taking control over the Bluetooth connection and using some of the capacity needed for high quality sound transmission.

To overcome the clicks, disconnect the iPhone from the headset when listening to high quality sound from the dongle.