GSP 350/GSP 550 - No sound/ Not loud enough

Headset is not playing?

Check connections to the PC and the headset. Check that the volume control on the headset is not turned all the way down. Check that the right audio device is set in the windows settings.

For PS4 and Xbox One make sure the audio is set to headphones and not TV.

If none of that is working, please check on a different device e.g. a mobile phone, if it is still not working then the headset is most likely defect.

Headset is not loud enough

The loudness of a headset depends very much on the platform and its ability to output power. We have designed the headset to have a good performance on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but of course this can vary and hearing loss, either known or unknown.

On PS4 and Xbox One the user can go into settings and check if everything is put to max but besides that there is not a lot of options.

For PC it can vary depending on what soundcard is used and is more on a case by case basis.