GSP 370 - How to pair GSA 370 dongle to GSP 370 headset

Follow these steps to pair the devices:

  1. Check that the EposGamingSuiteService is running on the PC (Select Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then select Task Manager and go to "Services").
  2. Check that the EPOS Gaming Suite application is open.
  3. Unplug both the Dongle and the Headset from the PC.
  4. Power off the headset.
  5. Plug in the dongle, wait for 6 seconds, then unplug the dongle from the PC and re-plug it right after. This step is done in order to clear the pairing list of the dongle.
  6. Power on the headset.
  7. If the LED is flashing red/blue, the headset is looking for the dongle.
  8. If you see a steady blue light on the headset. The pairing was successful, and you should be able to see both devices in the EPOS Gaming Suite after ~1 minute.