The New Reality of Learning Demands Good Audio

Just like the world of work, education has changed dramatically since the introduction of social distancing. Both teachers and students alike have had to adapt to the new reality of distance learning and find new ways to connect, communicate and motivate. The classroom has become virtual and new tools and resources are being utilized to ensure learning continues. So how have things changed for teachers, students and education professionals and how can we work towards the best educational experience in this new reality?

Methods of teaching are changing

Students and teachers are seeing new tools being incorporated into the learning process. Remote learning has meant staying at home and introducing students of all ages to video collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. This also means students getting used to large video meetings that can accommodate all participants – often in excess of thirty students and even more when it comes to virtual college lectures. This means establishing new rules of interaction that are appropriate for the virtual classroom.

Technology adapts to remote education

Technology is also running to keep up with the new reality of remote education, as can be seen with the Microsoft Teams “Raise Hands Feature”. This allows students to identify that they wish to speak by toggling the hand icon in the meeting control bar, making it easier to actively participate in the virtual classroom setting. Online learning portals are also being used more than ever to set tasks and track student progress. Students are learning, working and submitting their work in online programs such as Microsoft 365. The benefit being that these programs used widely in the world of work are being integrated earlier into the educational process.

Hybrid learning is the future of education

In a recent survey of the education community by Microsoft*, 61 percent said they expect to begin the next school year in a hybrid learning environment – a mix of remote and in-person learning – and 87 percent said they expect to use technology more than before once in-classroom teaching resumes. This means teachers, students and educational administrators preparing themselves with the tools and solutions necessary to enable a smooth transition to remote and hybrid learning.

*Microsoft Education Blog, By Barbara Holzapfel, GM Education Posted on June 15, 2020 at 6:00 am

Useful learning resources from Microsoft

School administrators, IT professionals and teachers can all benefit from and train themselves up with free online resources from Microsoft in preparation for the new school year. Get Started with Microsoft Teams for Remote Learning has a variety of resources aimed at every kind of education professional to help orientate themselves and enable a smooth transition to remote learning.

Good tools need good audio

The reality of remote and hybrid learning demands not only new and greater use of software solutions like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, it also demands good audio on both sides of the computer screen. Premium audio brand EPOS has partnered with Microsoft to be able to offer audio devices that work seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. This means that students, teachers and educational professionals can be sure of an excellent audio experience wherever they learn, teach and work.


Natural conversations for natural learning Use case: Teachers leading remote classes

If you are a busy teacher beginning to take your classes remotely on Microsoft Teams, the EXPAND SP 30T speakerphone works excellently for instant virtual learning. EXPAND 30T is certified for Microsoft Teams and will connect easily with your PC and Microsoft Teams application.

This portable, high quality speakerphone transforms any space into a classroom and ensures high-quality audio on both sides of your Microsoft Teams meeting, giving you the freedom to move around, hands free, while writing on the white board and explaining your lesson. State-of-the-art echo cancelling processing ensures a natural meeting experience allowing for vivid discussions without distortion or loss of dialogue, so your students can hear clearly what you are saying.

For a prompt start to every lesson the dedicated Microsoft Teams button on the EXPAND SP 30T means you can jump straight into the virtual classroom and focus on teaching. Industry-leading double-talk performance enables interaction with your students that’s as natural as if learning in the same room together.

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The ADAPT 300 Series

Learn and concentrate anywhere
Use case: Students attending online classes and focusing remotely

For students attending class from home and other remote locations the ADAPT 300 Series includes versatile headsets that provide excellent quality audio and are certified for Microsoft Teams. To jump straight into virtual classes, you can launch Microsoft Teams instantly from the dedicated button on your headset – just make sure that the BTD 800 USB dongle is plugged into your laptop, and of course, that you’re looking presentable enough to be caught on camera! The ADAPT 300 Series also offers great passive and active noise cancellation (ANC) with thick, comfortable over-the-ear ear pads and ANC mode for instant focus when your little brother is doing his piano practice! If you really need to find a quieter place to study the foldable design makes it easy to pack up and move on, while the 46-hour battery life means plenty of power to burn the midnight oil should you need to!

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IMPACT MB Pro Series

Boost wellbeing while you multitask
Use case: Education administrators constantly communicating and multitasking

School administrators are responsible for making sure their educational institutions adapt and perform during the migration to remote and hybrid learning. They are the ones ensuring teachers and students have the resources they need to teach and learn. This, of course, requires a lot of co-ordination. They too will be working remotely from home and in other places where it is safe enough to work. Long hours spent on the phone and multitasking are a daily reality. The IMPACT MB Pro Series provides Bluetooth® wireless freedom and advanced audio technologies that enable a natural call experience – providing both user comfort and premium call clarity. It’s a headset that keeps you on the move in your workspace whether at home or on-the-go, all the while providing a natural-sounding call experience on platforms like Microsoft Teams.

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