New audio brand launches EXPAND 80 speakerphone for larger meeting rooms – unite your team

August 3, 2020: The newly established audio brand, EPOS, today unveils the first meeting room solutions in its own-branded product portfolio, with a speakerphone series designed for medium to large sized meeting rooms: The EXPAND 80 Series. Introducing the brand’s first-ever speakerphone for larger meeting rooms, the EXPAND 80 Series supports EPOS’ mission to deliver premium audio experiences through high-quality technology and contemporary design, and marks the brand’s footprint as industry-leaders within the modern meeting room.

As the world is becoming smaller, and teams need to unite across borders, the office as we know it continues to see significant changes both in the workplace itself and in ways of working. This demands for more flexible and remote working styles, as well as for meetings to become more virtual than ever before. Changes in workspaces such as the rise of open plan have created a strong demand for meeting rooms of all sizes where professionals can meet in disruptions-free settings. With the introduction of the EXPAND 80 Series, EPOS meets the needs of the modern workforce, and completes its range of superior audio solutions for today’s meeting room.

Seamless collaboration, no matter the location

As a pioneer within the brand’s own-branded product portfolio, the EXPAND 80 Series presents a scalable Bluetooth® speakerphone for up to 16 in-room participants – designed to unite colleagues within and beyond meeting rooms across the world. Thanks to six adaptive, beamforming microphones, and DSP intelligently isolating the human voice from room reverb and ambient noise, EXPAND 80 ensures that every participant in the room will be heard, while colleagues out of the office will be closer to the conversation.

With its powerful ultra-low distortion speaker in a unique patent pending suspended speaker box, EXPAND 80 fills the room with outstanding sound, and enables superior duplex performance that allows simultaneous speech and thus a natural conversation between participants. For even larger meetings with up to 32 participants, users can add up to two expansion microphones – the EXPAND 80 Mic - enabling them to adapt to the demands of their business, while maintaining a professional and stylish conference table with smart cable management developed for optimal system function and ease of use. No matter when and where, EXPAND 80 offers a space to meet and align in real time – enabling the confidence and clarity that boost collective performance.

The EXPAND 80 Series upgrades to further audio performance as professionals can connect easily via Bluetooth®, USB-C or NFC available. Additionally, multi-point connectivity, a simple user interface and one-touch access to a preferred Voice Assistant allow for dynamic conferences. Last but not least, depending on the user’s needs and preferences, the EXPAND 80 Series includes two versions: the UC optimized EXPAND 80, and the EXPAND 80T that is undergoing certification for Microsoft Teams to ensure an intuitive and streamlined experience with a dedicated button that launches the app in an instant.

Theis Moerk, Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions, says: “The EXPAND 80 Series is the final touch to our range of high-end speakerphones now covering both small and large meeting rooms. As the latest addition, EXPAND 80 emphasizes our ambition to provide professionals with everything they need to maximize productivity and performance. The integration of Microsoft Teams is an essential part of making this happen and will provide users with a single tool to truly focus on the task at hand.”

Superior craftsmanship, statement Scandinavian design
EXPAND 80 is crafted in high-quality materials in a compact, lightweight design with convenient cable winding. With fabric by the renowned textile company Kvadrat – global forerunner in design innovation producing high-performance design textiles - users will get a sound-enhancing experience as well as minimalist aesthetics in their workplace. Building on the features of the brand’s EXPAND product line, EXPAND 80 is a true audio tool for collaboration specially designed to address the varying needs of professionals working together across workspaces, locations and time zones. With its core focus on medium to larger meeting rooms, EXPAND 80 strengthens the repertoire to support all meeting room sizes, and supports EPOS’ ambition to make communication with colleagues and customers simply a matter of plug-and-play.

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Availability and price
EXPAND 80 Product Availability: 3 August 2020
EXPAND 80T Product Availability: Certification in Progress
EXPAND 80 Mic Product Availability: October 2020

EXPAND 80 and EXPAND 80T MSRP: €649 | $719 | £569
EXPAND 80 Mic MSRP: €179 | $199 | £159