EPOS announces Google Meet and Voice certification for ADAPT headsets

Copenhagen, January 11, 2021: The premium audio brand, EPOS – part of the Demant Group, today announces that its ADAPT 360, ADAPT 460 and ADAPT 560 headsets have been certified for Google Meet and Google Voice. This offers business professionals rich, natural sound and Active Voice Cancellation for increased focus and productivity wherever they participate in a Google Meet or Google Voice session.

Increasingly, work goes wherever business professionals go – and meetings follow suit. This makes versatile audio solutions that adapt instantly to differing sound environments key to bringing people and teams together, and to boosting working performance on the go.

Google's Unified Communications offering is a leading enterprise-grade solution consisting of Google Meet, Google Chat and Google Voice. While the latter focuses on meetings, calls and messaging, Google Meet is a video-communication service which is included in Google Workspace and G Suite for Education. Google Meet saw a peak in Q3 of 235 million daily meeting participants and more than 7.5 billion daily video call minutes. EPOS’ new certification with Google Meet and Voice ensures that the certified EPOS ADAPT devices offer users a hig quality audio experience when using Google Meet and Google Voice. Part of the certification process consists of a set of

audio tests performed by a third party audio laboratory accepted by Google.

Theis Mørk, VP Product Management at EPOS comments: "Every day, over 100 million people across the globe participate in meetings or conversations through Google Meet or Google Voice. That makes our collaboration with Google a key partnership for realizing our vision: To help people achieve more through excellent audio experiences. The hybrid workplace is an ideal match for ADAPT, our product line for the modern, flexible workers that make the world their office and need a seamless audio experience to ensure nothing or no one is misunderstood."

ADAPT – work your way

ADAPT is a line of premium audio solutions for those who need to make flawless business calls from anywhere. Designed to enhance concentration and stay focused, the ADAPT product range is inspired by the varied needs of the busy professional who wants a headset that can take them beyond business calls through excellent versatility in a variety of contemporary designs. From wireless functionalities and active noise cancellation, these headsets can match your needs - and the way you like to work.

Learn more about the ADAPT line here.