Why settle for just being heard when you can be understood?

Microphones don’t just transmit sound. They transmit meaning. With a bad mic, meaning often becomes lost in translation. And lost meaning equals lost productivity.

Clear Conversations
Starts With a Great Mic

Don’t take our word for it. Take your word for it. There's no better way to hear the difference made by a great mic than to try our Next IMPACT Generation headsets for yourself.*

*The audio samples is for demonstrative purposes and may not reflect the exact real-life experience.

The Next IMPACT Generation

An intelligent audio solution

Built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology with industry-leading voice pick-up powered
by EPOS AI™, the Next Generation of IMPACT headsets ensure that both sides of the call
stay focused for an impactful dialogue.

Read More About BrainAdapt™

Welcome inside EPOS sound studios

The EPOS test facilities enables us to develop our technologies and solutions and to do advanced product testing. In our labs we can simulate speech and noise in different real life situations, including change of reverberation. That's how we can verify how our products will perform in different use cases and to ensure that we have the best products on the markets.

EPOS Next Generation IMPACT headsets

EPOS are proud to have produced a best-in-class voice pick-up in the Next Generation IMPACT headsets that allow for industry leading voice pick-up quality in even very noisy surroundings. Our advanced AI are focusing on the user's voice and cancelling out noise from the environment without compromising the speech quality.

It all starts with a great mic

Microphones are not just transmitting sound - they transmit meaning. EPOS are confident that our microphones are superior. In our sound studios we have produced audio files that evaluated the voice pick-up quality focusing on the super wideband plug and play audio quality to demonstrate and prove that the EPOS IMPACT headsets indeed are superior.

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