IMPACT SDW switching between interfaces when MSH mode is activated

When we use MSH mode on SDW, or any other headset, the link between the base station and the headset is constantly open.

All other DECT headsets have only 2 interfaces, PC and Phone, and there are no issues switching between them.

On the SDW we are not able to switch between the interfaces when the SDW headset is undocked, as the base assumes that there is an active call.

In this scenario there are 2 workarounds to be able to switch between the interfaces:

  1. Dock the SDW headset back on the base station and the link is closed. Then you can switch to another interface (PC, Mobile).

  1. Double tap the phone icon on the base or the multifunctional button on the headset to put the interface on-hold, and you will be able to switch to another interface. In this case you will receive double knock announcement all the time since the SDW considers that you have a call on hold.