Lithium-polymer battery information

Please note that lithium-polymer batteries, like the BATT 03, are subject to wear due to their chemical properties and should be replaced regularly. Depending on the load (e.g., charge-discharge cycles), these are 2-4 years. A general statement about the service life can be difficult, since in addition to the technical design and quality, the practical conditions of use (for example, temperature fluctuations) have a great influence. In addition, a distinction is made in terms of the life of Li-Po batteries between the "cycle life" and the calendar aging.

To maximize the battery lifetime, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • The battery should be charged frequently when not in use.
  • Operation in the optimum temperature range.
  • Storage rather cool when not in use and avoid large temperature fluctuations.
  • If the headset is not being used for a long time, turn off the semi-charged headset and store it next to the charging unit.