Managing the Remote Asset Challenge

How EPOS cloud management service, EPOS Manager, removes the hassle of deploying personal audio solutions.

The power to manage, audit and support your audio tools centrally is available with EPOS Manager

Enterprise-grade headsets and collaboration bars are intelligent integrated communication tools that allow users to instinctively interact with content and conversations remotely. To deliver this simple user experience requires the best possible integration with your unified communication platform.

With our integrated cloud service, EPOS Manager, you are able to monitor, maintain and manage your EPOS usb-connected or internet-connected audio assets centrally even when the assets are off-site.

Secure your audio

Generating the best remote communication connections requires that users embrace technology confidently

Researchers at Israel's Ben Gurion University created a proof-of-concept they called "Speake(a)r", which showed how determined hackers could hijack a microphone in a headset to listen into a room.

Your security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Audio is often thought of as a secondary, passive, element of the digital environment, but modern communication devices are now sophisticated devices that form an intrinsic part of the overall digital piece and they need to be managed appropriately.

With EPOS Manager we provide the means to manage your dispersed audio assets, both in and outside of the office: completely free of charge.

Centralized support

Successful business requires joint understanding. Technology can help remove obstacles to comprehension, however often users hit barriers that hinder this and distract from the conversation.

With EPOS Manager you can see who is using technology, how they are using it, and furthermore you can streamline the experience to make it more seamless. Support headaches can be identified before they become an obstacle to productive discussion.

EPOS Manager helps you take control of the endpoints of digital communication, allowing you to ensure better support for your users.