Using conference mode

Conference mode allows you to connect up to four headsets to one base station, allowing four people to participate on the same call. This is convenient not only for conferencing, but also for training purposes.


"Master headset": This is the headset which has the original connection to the base station. It is the only headset which may allow new users to participate on a call, and it also the only headset from which a call may be ended.

"Guest headset": These headsets are the extra participants which have been added to the conference mode. While these headsets can be muted independently of the master headset, pressing the multifunction button will result in exiting conference mode but will not end the call itself.

Initiating conference mode

To use conference mode, first establish a wireless connection between the master headset and the base station. You can be sure that this link is established when you have a steady blue LED on the base station, and a pulsating blue LED on the headset.

You can now add up to three additional guest headsets. Take the following steps for each guest:

  1. Place the guest headset onto the base station with the active connection to the master headset. The LED on the guest headset should now begin to alternately flash blue and red, indicating that it is currently in the process of syncing to the base station.
  2. After three blue flashes to indicate that the syncing is completed, the headset can no be removed from the base station. Three red flashes indicate syncing has failed and step 1 should be repeated.
  3. Upon removing the headset from the base station, an alert tone will be produced in the master headset.
  4. Press the multifunction button on the master headset to accept the guest headset into conference mode.

You may now initiate a call as normal, and all participants will be able to speak and hear.

Using conference mode

All headsets can be muted independently, there is no 'master' mute.

To exit a conference call on a guest headset, press the multifunction button on that headset.

To end a conference call for all participants, press the multifunction button on the master headset. Please note that if the firmware of the headset is running a version older that v.131, ending the call will also end the conference mode.

To end conference mode and terminate the wireless connection between the base station and all guest headsets, return the master headset to the base station.