Adjusting volume for ADAPT 460

Adjusting the volume

You can adjust three independent volume settings for the headset:

  1. Call volume: during an active call
  2. Audio volume: during audio streaming
  3. Volume for ring tone, tones and voice prompts: in idle mode – no active call or audio streaming

  1. Press the Volume button to increase or decrease the volume.
  2. You hear a beep or double beep for maximum or minimum volume.
  3. Alternatively you can adjust the volume on your connected device.

Adjusting the headset’s microphone volume for softphones

  • Initiate a call on your connected device to someone who will help you find the correct volume setting for your microphone.
  • Change the microphone volume in your softphone application and/or in your PC audio application.

Muting the microphone

  • Press the power button to mute or unmute the microphone.