Partner program FAQ

Why is EPOS changing their benefit model?

We want to create value for our partners with focus on a profitable collaboration strengthening our sales enablement in the market. We have designed a program to create higher levels of engagement and cooperation between our partners and EPOS.

What are we changing?

After listening to the valuable input of our resellers across the globe, EPOS is launching a new benefit model for EPOS resellers, aimed at enhancing our partnership and driving business to the next level.
The new benefit model for EPOS resellers introduces a simplified model for Reseller Tiering – with 3 levels, i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver - based on exciting value-adding benefits and minimum participation conditions.

What are the conditions behind each Reseller Tiering level?

The tiering levels - Platinum, Gold, Silver - are based on 3 conditions: Buy, Lead generation and Business plan frequency with EPOS. The conditions vary with different thresholds, depending on the specific tiering level.

When will I know which Reseller Tiering level has been assigned to my company?

The Reseller Tiering levels - Platinum, Gold, Silver - will be assessed throughout the last quarter of the year 2023 by EPOS, in collaboration and dialogue with all our resellers, as part of the planning activities for the year 2024.

Can my Reseller Tiering level change during 2024?

Yes. Throughout 2024, it will be possible to increase tiering level, and the end of each quarter, based on the achieved joint results. On the bright side, a potential downgrading of the tiering will only be assessed at the end of the year, not to affect the committed 2024 business plans.

Where can I see my Reseller Tiering level?

Once the reseller tiering has been assessed, you will be informed by your EPOS contact. Plus, you will be able to see it on the EPOS Partner Portal, under ‘My Profile’.