Meet Torben Christiansen


Torben Christiansen

Director of Technology

MSc. Mathematical Modeling and Acoustics

Research and Development

What I Do

I am part of the Research and Development management team and my role is to ensure EPOS has the right technologies available for all products in all segments by leveraging technology from within Demant A/S, partnering with relevant technology providers and scouting across all cross-competencies for relevant technology. We then funnel our know-how into the technology, which will then end-up being integrated in our premium products.

What Drives Me

The trust of my manager and the way EPOS provides opportunities and encourages us to do what we do best. I have had the opportunity to get new responsibilities and working areas approximately every two years for 21 years!

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

The high degree of innovation, the trust and engagement of my colleagues, and the fact that working at EPOS allows us to put our “fingerprint” on the technology and products we develop.

Fun Fact

I was the Manager of Magtens Korridorer, owned my own record company (Nougat) and released their first two records back in 1997. Today, Magtens Korridorer are one of the biggest Rock Bands in Denmark.

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