H3 Hybrid - Troubleshooting

Bluetooth connection issues:

1. Clear the paring list of your mobile device (forget the headset).

2. Reset the headset.

3. Pair your headset with the mobile device again.

USB connection Issues:

1. Check if the H3 Hybrid is set as a default device in your PC/PS sound settings, both in "Playback" and "Recording" tabs in the "Sound settings"

- Right click on the H3 Hybrid in both "Playback" and "Recording" tabs and select "Set as a default".

2. If the H3 Hybrid is not displayed in your sound settings "Playback" and "Recording" tabs, try to connect the USB cable to different USB ports.

3. Check in the application (game, chat) if the H3 Hybrid is selected as a default audio device.

4. Make sure that the device is detected in the Gaming Suite application.

- If the headset is detected in the Gaming Suite, always check if the firmware of the device is in the latest version.

- Always make sure that you are using the latest software version of the Gaming Suite application.

5. If it's possible cross check everything above with another PC.

Audio cable connection issues:

1. All H3 Hybrid headsets come with a detachable console cable, this cable is plugged into the left ear cup of the headset.

2. The first step to check for any kind of audio, microphone or connection issues is to check if the cable is fully plugged into the left ear cup to ensure the long-term stability and prevent any loose-contacts.

3. Make sure that the H3 Hybrid is set as a default audio device in your end device audio settings.

4. Test the console cable with the different device (game pad, phone etc.), as sometimes the problem resides with the device audio socket itself.