EPOS EXPAND 40 Series: Collaboration, Simplified

Copenhagen, Denmark – March 21, 2022: EPOS, the premium audio brand, meets the growing needs of the hybrid workforce with a plug-and-play Bluetooth® speakerphone designed for small- to medium-sized meeting rooms. The EXPAND 40 Series takes away common meeting frustrations such as complicated setup and disjointed audio, making way for stress-free collaboration where every member of the team can be heard, regardless of the location. Building on the strong foundations of the EXPAND Line speakerphones, the EXPAND 40 Series comes in three versions: UC Optimized (with or without Bluetooth® USB dongle) and Microsoft Teams Certified* with Bluetooth® USB dongle.

Take Control of Meeting Room Acoustics

Meeting room acoustics can vary, which is why having a solution that filters out background noise and removes room reverb is critical to smooth collaboration. The EXPAND 40 isolates individual voices on the call with three beamforming microphones, creating a rich sound experience for everyone, whether they’re joining from the office or remotely.

Simplified Collaboration
With more meetings taking place in remote or hybrid settings, it’s more important than ever to recreate some of the in-person energy that is often lost in online exchanges. Industry-leading duplex performance lets teams engage in lively discussions where participants can speak at the same time without being cut off, breathing life back into online meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Connect and Go
The EXPAND 40 Series allows users to easily and quickly connect to meetings using a USB-C cable or Bluetooth® dongle. EPOS’ Software Solutions make it quick and easy for IT Managers to tailor preferences and update the device with the latest firmware, taking the legwork out of device management and leaving time for other tasks.

*Microsoft Teams certification pending

“The launch of the EXPAND 40 Series is the natural next step for EPOS. As we continue to meet the needs of an ever-changing workforce, we remain laser focused on removing obstacles from the pursuit of meaningful collaboration online, helping to bring back enjoyment to everyday work settings”, Theis Mørk, VP Product Management.

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