Crafted to Last,
Designed to Excite

Made for individuals who demand excellence from their audio devices. We craft solutions with high-quality materials that are built to last by providing the perfect balance between excellent audio and maximum comfort. The real magic happens when user experiences the purity of sound, the clarity of speech and the difference it makes to anything the user sets out to achieve.

Our design language is clean and sophisticated, with small nods to our Nordic heritage consisting of soothing metallics and shapes that excite.

Crafted with passion for design, pioneering technology and love for detail EPOS enables the users to be present in the conversation and hear more than just mere words.

Three components are vital when it comes to our design: curated aesthetics, choice of materials and highest wearing comfort. A symbiosis of crucial factors that define the overall outcome of the products.

  • 360 design

    All our products are born with the vision of being beautiful from all angles. The back is equally important as the front, and instead of hiding needed information, we include it in a way that gracefully integrates with the design. We aim to create products with iconic qualities that will be well designed 360 degrees and ensure consistency throughout the range.

  • Mechanical feel

    The feel of an EPOS product is very often connected with mechanics. The attention to detail in the feeling of how parts of the product move individually and interconnect with each other is a part of our foundation to make the sensory feel of quality through the mechanical feel.

  • Tactile experience

    The majority of our products are intended to be experienced by touch and feel; therefore, the tactile experience is a crucial part of our Design Foundation. Be it a product intended to wear on your head or a product you rarely touch - the consistency in tactility has to deliver the same sensory experience. The tactility is a combination of material and finishes in close relation with the connection of materials and the mechanical feel.

  • Connection of materials

    As our product categories are different in the intended use, the consistency in the way different materials are connected is a crucial point of reference for both design recognizability and product identity. Rather than attempting to hide a material connection - make it into a gracefully balanced area of beauty that creates the contrast needed to balance the design.

  • User Experience

    The user experience is designed to be simple, intuitive and subtle. This creates a truly immersive experience of the products that empowers user performance. Interacting with EPOS products is intuitive with functions flowing naturally and, therefore, being easy and satisfying to complete. The tactile interaction is designed in a smooth and pleasant manner to cater to a satisfactory experience to deliver a premium user experience.

High standards

On the technical side, the products need to comply with a broad array of standards, be able to interact with different phones, mobile and stationary devices, and be part of IT management setups.

As a personal interface, our headsets ensure that our users feel like they are in the same room as the person they are speaking to, no matter whether they are picking up a call in an office, using their mobile device on the go or when being immersed in a complex gaming soundscape.

It takes a lot of in-depth research and finetuning to create premium audio solutions that resonate with our high standards.

Passion and intellectual curiosity push the limits when it comes to the engineering phase of our products. With the central parameter being comfort and stability, it is our aim to craft products that withstand the test of time.

Mechanical testing

By conducting a variety of mechanical tests, where the pressure on the head and ears is investigated, only premium products that comply with our users’ high-standards are brought to market. The testing allows to further develop products that fit a vast range of head-shapes and ears – comfortably.

Premium quality

In today’s world, there is an abundance of devices with a short lifespan. At EPOS, we take pride in delivering products for those who insist on quality products, engineered and crafted to last a lifetime. Designed to feel as good as they sound.