Troubleshooting steps

1. Please check, if the headset was not dropped or received any shock?
2. Make sure you have selected this device as default audio device under sound settings.
3. Did you check if the cable is fully plugged into the USB port/3.5mm port of your computer/tablet?
4. Did you test the headset in different USB ports available on computer back/front panels ?
5. Press Windows+R ; Type "winver" in Run and hit enter. Please take a screenshot and share with us.
6. Do you have any other audio software installed (apart from sound card drivers)? If so, please uninstall as these might interfere with sound.
7. We don't support the use of third-party devices with our gaming headsets. Unsupported third-party devices include: KVM switch boxes, Port replicators, Docking stations, USB hubs etc.
8. Please test it with different devices like laptop, desktop etc.