Maintaining and updating the products

Storing and carrying the Speakerphone

Store the speakerphone in a clean and dry environment. When not in use, store the product in the carry pouch. This will help to avoid scratches and keep the product in good condition.

Cleaning the products


Liquids can damage the electronics of the product!

Liquids entering the housing of the device can cause a short circuit and damage the electronics.

Keep all liquids far away from the product.

Do not use any cleansing agents or solvents.

Only use a dry cloth to clean the product

Replacing/removing the Speakerphone‘s rechargeable battery


Danger of damage to the product!

During the warranty period, the rechargeable battery must only be replaced by an authorized EPOS service center, otherwise the warranty will be null and void.

Contact your EPOS service center if the rechargeable battery needs to be replaced. To find a EPOS service partner in your country, visit

Outside the warranty period, the rechargeable battery may be replaced or removed by any qualified service center or qualified technician of your IT or Service department. Instructions for qualified technicians on how to replace or remove the battery are available from the EPOS service partner.

Updating the firmware of the products

You can update the firmware of your speakerphone and dongle by using the free EPOS Connect software.

Download the software from

Install the software.

To install the software, you need administrator rights on your computer. If necessary, contact your IT department.

Updating the firmware of the speakerphone