Large Meeting Room Solutions

*Large meeting rooms are for ~18 participants

What EPOS Delivers for Large Meeting Rooms

Designed to facilitate teamwork and seamless collaboration.

Large meeting rooms are intended for department meetings, board meetings, and the like. Conferencing equipment at this scale will often require tools that enable fully-featured conferencing solutions.

Scalable, with add-on mics to extend range

Unite colleagues with a premium speakerphone for up to 18 in-room participants

Kensington Lock Support/Clutter-free cable management

Keep your devices where they belong and eradicate clutter

Meetings that feel natural

Exceptional audio performance for a natural meeting experience and heightened team collaboration.

Double-talk capability

Double talk performance in speakerphones replicates the nuances of natural conversation during a physical meeting, enabling simultaneous speech, greater collaboration and improved understanding.

EPOS Recommends

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EPOS works with the platforms you use

EPOS works with leading UC and software partners to ensure that our devices are fully compatible with the platforms and software solutions you use. Our meeting and conference solutions are designed with the hybrid workforce in mind.

Need help finding the right meeting room solution?

Meeting rooms come in many different sizes and configurations. Request a consultation with our sales team who can help you find the best solution for your organization.

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