Customer Case: NATS

When it comes to communication solutions, the ATC industry must consistently remain at the very forefront of audio technology to ensure safety and efficiency. EPOS has provided NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, with premium equipment for their air traffic controllers (ATCOs) since 2004.

In addition to providing services to UK airports, and managing all upper Airspace in the UK, NATS also provides services around the world spanning Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Clear communication with pilots and the accurate delivery of critical messages is vital for the smooth running of airports and airspace. Lines of communication must remain stable, secure and effective at all times – every second counts.

Adam Spink
ATC Operations Project Support

To satisfy NATS’ requirements our solution had to meet with a range of criteria including:

  • Low distortion and frequency response to help navigate busy airspaces with accuracy
  • Uncompromising audio clarity with high quality solutions to block out ambient noise and interference
  • A robust and durable audio device to mitigate any risk of tech failure

Crafted with this in mind, our cutting-edge atc headphones feature high quality speakers and intelligent noise-cancelling microphones that focus on the nuances of the human voice and filter out unwanted background noise. Their lightweight design and superb wearing comfort mean they are perfect for all day use.

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