Customer Case: ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO’s service centre maintain constant customer contact. It goes without saying that clear and noise-free communication is important. Until recently, that wasn’t always the case. But thanks to our IMPACT DW Pro 2 headset, this has changed.

“Last year we received many complaints from customers about background noise,” says Leo Hessing. As the Project Officer from ABN AMRO’s advice and service centre, he is responsible for the ICT and technical issues. Something needed to be done. “Our first thought was that it was an environmental problem. We tried to isolate and minimize the background noise, but that didn’t solve the problem.” So Hessing looked at the next element.

“The next step was to look at the headsets.” The bank was initially wary of replacing all of the headsets. Four employees were selected to consult in a special test program to compare headsets under several conditions. “Our headset specialist made the selection With the first few tests, we couldn’t really tell the difference between the brands. Then they presented the IMPACT DW Pro 2 headset. The difference was enormous. It was clear that these were the best.”

"IMPACT DW has been a good choice for us”

Leo Hessing
Project Officer Advice and Service Centre - ABN AMRO

All of the branches of the service centre, Nijmegen, Zwolle, Breda, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, have now switched to IMPACT DW Pro 2 headsets. The change has been good for everybody, Hessing says. The employees are also satisfied. “If you’re continuously dealing with background noise, it’s exhausting by the end of the day. Now you just hear the call and that makes it much easier to concentrate on what’s being said,” they say.

Customer contact has become better and easier. Before the sound of the call would disappear most of the times, but now you can hear and understand each other perfectly.

And that is no small thing. Customers treat the advice and service centre as a branch office that deals with services such as opening an account, answering questions about mortgages, investments and life insurance.

These IMPACT DW headsets are outstanding in the use of noise-cancelling technology, which filters out the background noise. “IMPACT DW was a very good choice,” says Hessing.