The best remote headset guide by EPOS

We all know about the freedom of the remote workplace. Working remotely provides greater autonomy of where and how you work, better work/life balance and greater flexibility. The right headset can optimize your remote working experience even further.

The benefits range from improved call clarity, to passive and active noise cancellation (ANC), wireless portability, user comfort and design. However, the range of headsets available is huge so which one is right for you? We’ll help you figure out the answer to this question and introduce you to the ADAPT Line of premium headsets suitable for all types of remote professionals.

Step 1: What kind of professional are you?

This is an important question to consider. Do you spend a lot of time on calls where call clarity and comfort are major issues? Do you work alone or collaborate with others using online platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Hangout? Perhaps you spend more time on tasks that require concentration. Or maybe you are constantly meeting current and potential partners where a professional, modern look is important to make the right impression. All these factors come into play when considering which model and design of headset you go for.

Step 2: What sound environment do you work in?

Equally as important is where you work. Do you spend a lot of time on the road visiting different clients and partners? Do you work from home? Or rather in internet cafés or shared working spaces? As a versatile remote professional you might work in all these environments at one time or another so it’s important to choose a headset that can adapt to all these different working situations and still offer best-in-class audio quality.

Step 3: Comfort is king

If you want to work to the best of your abilities the last thing you want to be dealing with is an uncomfortable headset. Too tight and you’ll be in pain, too loose and it will fall off. This is an investment to help you achieve your professional potential, so it’s worth bearing in mind that spending more for quality pays off in the long run. So, what makes a comfortable headset?


If you’re going to be on calls all day then a lightweight headset is a must. You’ll be surprised how quickly heavy headsets can become uncomfortable and even effect your posture.


High-quality, plastics and metals like steel are used to make more premium headsets that will last longer. Cushioned leatherette used for ear pads also boosts user comfort.


We’re all different and that goes for the shape and size of our heads too! Adjustable headbands create a personalized fit that will improve headset comfort while you work.

Step 4: Design that works your way

Both the functionality and aesthetics of your headset’s design are important factors to consider. Today’s headsets are wired or wireless and come in a range of wearing styles. In the past wired headsets have offered more reliable audio quality because they receive the audio frequency and transmit microphone signals directly through the cable. Previously, wireless headsets were liable to interferences but today’s premium quality, wireless Bluetooth® headsets offer the same reliability in audio and microphone quality as many wired headsets can. So, the choice then comes down to personal preference, cost and wearing style. The multiple headset wearing styles are also of vital importance. This can come down to both the way you work and personal preference.

What about wearing style?

Over-ear headsets

Over ear headsets are the largest headsets you can buy. They often have the best sound as there is more space for the audio technology to be housed in the ear cups. More space can also mean larger and longer-lasting batteries. Larger ear cups can also mean better weight distribution and the chance to add comfortable materials like cushioned leatherette.

Bigger can also be better regarding noise cancellation – both passive noise cancellation with large cushioned ear cups that physically block out sound and active noise cancellation (ANC) resulting from advanced microphone technology contained in these large over-ear headsets.

EPOS recommends:


ADAPT 600 Series

Work wherever, whenever

  • Superb call clarity powered by EPOS AI™
  • Regain concentration anytime, anywhere
  • Get organized with Alexa

ADAPT 300 Series

Work your way in style

  • Concentrate in noisy environments
  • Ensure clear calls with certified solution
  • Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices

On-ear headsets

Unlike their over-ear bigger brother, on-ear headsets sit on top of your outer ear with the audio technology transmitting sound directly into your inner ear. They are still substantial in size and therefore the audio quality lives up to expectations as there is more space for it in the headset. On-ear designs are able to offer excellent sound and microphone performance which means you’ll be able to make great quality calls in open offices or on-the-move in noisy environments. The headband style and substantial ear cups mean that battery life is never an issue and other design features including foldable boom arms can be incorporated into the headset while still maintaining a stylish look that can work both in professional environments and while out on-the-go.

Use case: Remote professionals that demand a high-quality UC audio experience on both calls and when focusing with ANC, with a more subtle, compact aesthetic that fits wherever you work.

EPOS recommends:

The ADAPT 500 Series

Cut through the noise and make your presence felt with a headset that keeps you productive in open offices, or on the move.

Explore ADAPT 500 Series

In-ear, neckband design

In-ear, neckband headsets are discreet and extremely lightweight wireless Bluetooth® headsets. The ear buds are connected by a wire that attaches them to a more solid neckband used to house the audio technology. The neckband therefore enables impressive battery life and high-end models offer ANC (active noise cancellation) and superb Bluetooth® stability.

The design that isn’t as easy to drop and damage as true wireless ear buds can be, making the in-ear neckband design both subtle, stylish and functional. The ear buds often have a range of different ear tips that can be personalized to the user, which is useful as most people’s ears are asymmetrical, including the shape in the ear canal where the ear tips are placed. Choosing the right ear tips for you will give you a better audio experience with optimal sound pressure and ANC performance.

Use case: Remote professionals that demand high-end functionality including ANC and UC optimized calls, but prefer subtle, stylish design as they switch between working locations.

EPOS recommends:

The ADAPT 400 Series

Keep moving, stay focused and be productive with an in-ear, neckband headset that delivers rich, natural sound and ANC whether at work or commuting.

Explore ADAPT 400 Series

ADAPT 400 Series

Take great sound anywhere

  • Boost your productivity with ANC
  • Clear business calls – UC optimized solution
  • Enjoy superior comfort and fit

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