Contact Center & Call Center Headsets by EPOS

Find the right contact center headsets for your needs. EPOS offers a range of call center headsets with noise-cancellation, wireless connectivity, and more.


Employees in a contact center tend to wear their headsets for long stretches of time. As such, comfort is crucial. Look for lightweight headsets that come with adjustable headbands, soft earpads, and so on.


Contact center headsets are in near-constant use, which means they must be able to handle a good deal of wear and tear. Make sure the headset you pick can withstand this type of pressure. This means reinforced cables, durable boom arms, etc.

Noise cancellation

With multiple people taking calls at the same time, the level of noise in a contact center is typically well above average. Headsets with noise-canceling microphones and active noise cancellation can help to reduce the noise on both sides of the call.

Wireless connectivity

While this isn’t always necessary in a contact center, wireless headsets do let employees move freely around the office to fetch relevant documents, consult colleagues, or just grab a coffee. So consider whether this is a priority in your workplace.

Compatibility with existing software and hardware

This isn’t unique to contact centers, but it’s important that any headset you invest in works with your existing setup. This means being certified for the software solutions you use, having the right type of connectivity—USB, DECT, Bluetooth—and offering plug-and-play capabilities that let employees get started in a frictionless way.

Which EPOS headset is best for your contact center?

The following EPOS headsets are designed with contact center workers in mind. We recommend choosing one that best fits your specific requirements.

  • IMPACT 5000

    The All-Rounder

    The IMPACT 5000 Series is the ultimate contact center headset that checks all the boxes. It uses DECT for extended wireless range and two noise-canceling microphones for exceptional speech intelligibility. The headset is built for comfortable all-day wear and delivers clear calls even in the most busy work environments.

    Recommended for: Workers who need a truly all-in-one contact center headset

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  • IMPACT 700

    The professional

    The IMPACT 700 ensures customer satisfaction on every call with rich, natural sound no matter the level of background noise. Three digital microphones built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ provide industry-leading voice pickup to let your agents be heard.

    Recommended for: Call center agents on calls from their desk to deliver stellar customer experiences.

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  • IMPACT 600

    The Noise Buster

    The IMPACT 600 Series puts speech clarity above all. It’s equipped with ultra noise-canceling microphones and Active Noise Cancellation. This ensures that both sides of the call can focus on the conversation and hear each other perfectly. This headsets also boasts exceptional wearing comfort and is extremely durable.

    Recommended for: Noisy contact centers where employees work at their desks

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  • IMPACT 100

    The Plug-and-Player

    The IMPACT 100 Series is perfect for any contact center that needs a no-frills, easy-to-use headset. It’s compatible with all major UC platforms, making it really easy to deploy in almost any workplace. It delivers intuitive call management with in-line controls, ultra-lightweight design for comfortable wear, and a noise-canceling microphone for natural, clear conversations.

    Recommended for: Workers who need a simple and comfortable plug-and-play headset

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  • IMPACT 200

    The Comfortable One

    IMPACT 200 Series excels where comfort and speech clarity are a priority. The headset is equipped with EPOS VoiceTM technology and a noise-canceling mic for clear conversations. It is built for perfect fit and comfortable all-day wear thanks to its ergonomic design, and CircleFlex™ dual-hinge ear cup system.

    Recommended for: Workers who wear their headset through most of the day

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  • IMPACT D Series

    The Free Roamer

    If workers in your contact center often leave their desks, IMPACT D Series is a natural choice. It boasts a 55m wireless range and up to 12 hours of talk time, letting employees stay untethered for the entire day. The headset doesn’t sacrifice on call quality and comes with a noise-canceling microphone for natural sounding conversations.

    Recommended for: Workers who need to stay truly flexible and move freely around the office

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