H3PRO Hybrid - Why we should always use a Dongle for wireless connection

The origin of a mobile phone is that of being a voice-based communication device. Therefore, support of Bluetooth headsets has been a core feature on mobile phones right from the very beginning of Bluetooth. This has not been the case for computers where the focus of Bluetooth has been to support various kinds of non-voice peripherals (mouses, keyboards etc.).

To provide a good user experience, EPOS is totally dependent on the Bluetooth chip-set built into the computer and its supporting protocol stack (Intel is a major player in this field), together with support of relevant protocols in the operating system and good interfacing with our applications. All these underlying structures have not been and are still not in place to such a level where we at EPOS can assure a good reliable experience together with well working features that any user would expect, such as call control, volume control, firmware update together with support from our EPOS Connect client and Gaming Suite application. By using an EPOS dongle, EPOS takes ownership of the connection and we are eliminating problematic and poor interoperability.

Operating system providers are aware of these lagging structures. As the Bluetooth chip-sets have matured the last years it cannot be ruled out that some basic connectivity can get to work in the future using the native and built-in Bluetooth. This is though not something that EPOS can recommend now as the user experience will be unknown and features and functionality might be missing.