EPOS Employees Make a Difference in the Community

Happy Thanksgiving from EPOS

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we want to highlight some of our wonderful employees that make a huge difference, not only for EPOS, but for the larger community.

Inside Sales Representative

Gwen Jones

Outside of helping customers find the right communication equipment, Inside Sales Manager Gwen Jones dedicates her time volunteering for multiple organizations.

Texas Baptist Children's Home
Every year, Gwen gathers toys, bicycles, clothes, and household items for the cottages at the Texas Baptists Children's Home. The children at the home are unadoptable for a multitude of reasons.

Susan G Komen
As a survivor of breast cancer, Gwen has a G-Team Strong that helps raise money to fight cancer. This year, her team donated $8000 to find a cure for cancer.

Texas Firewalkers
As part of Texas Firewalkers, Gwen helps communities effected by natural disasters across Texas.

Meals on Wheels
As part of the national organization, Gwen provides hot meals for local seniors in need.

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Inside Sales Representative

Elaine Fenstermacher

Elaine Fenstermacher, Inside Sales Manager is another great example of an EPOS employee that spends a lot of her free time volunteering.

For the past three years, she has volunteered at the National Center for St. Padre Pio in Barto PA. Padre Pio is one of the most famous and beloved saints of the 20th century. He is known to make miracles happen with spiritual gifts. Every year, the center receives multiple visitors.

"I meet people from all over the country that come here to visit the life of St. Padre Pio. I learn so much from the Center and the people that come to visit. I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity to serve," says Elaine.

At the National Center, Elaine greets people, assist at the Mass, provides miscellaneous information regarding the center, attend special events, work with speakers, help at the gift shop, and more.

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Inside Sales Representative

Jeremy Kiefer

Inside Sales Manager, Jeremy Kiefer makes a big difference for teens in his local community.

For the past 8 years, Jeremy Kiefer has been volunteering for the local High School soccer varsity soccer team. He works with players in goal keeping and strikers to help improve their team.

He has been six years with Old Lyme High School in CT (four back-to-back state champions) and one year at Monument Mountain High School in MA.

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Area Sales Manager

Michelle Baum

In addition to helping her customers find the right audio and video equipment, Senior Area Sales Manager, Michelle Baum works with The Street Dog Project, which primarily focuses on rescuing dogs directly from the streets of Dallas, TX.

This past month, Michelle held a donation raffle and raised over $1100 for the Street Dog Project. She will be hosting another event in March to raise more money.

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Channel Marketing Manager

Charlotte Campbell

Channel Manager Charlotte Campbell dedicates her free time volunteering for lots of causes such as; cancer events, multiple sclerosis (MS), feeding families (Food Drives), and motorcycle charity rides.

In addition to contributing with various organizations she supports fundraisers, charities, and military families (as the spouse of a military veteran).

"It feels rewarding to participate positively in my community," she says.

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Distribution Manager

Patrick D'Orazio

Together with his wife Sheli, who works as a Family Engagement Specialist, Patrick D'Orazio, Distribution Manager at EPOS are leading a Holiday drive at their local community in Goshen, Ohio. Working with businesses, organizations, and individuals they collect essential items for children in need, such as socks, underwear, and winter coats, so they are able to receive education. This year this effort is especially making a difference, as 20% of the homes in Goshen were hit by a tornato in July.

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