EPOS Offers High-quality Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Learning

Copenhagen, Denmark – September 15, 2021.
Today’s learning environments are increasingly virtual or hybrid. As such, tools and technology play an even greater role in creating a quality learning experience for students and teachers. Audio tools that can support clear communication, situational flexibility, and a user-friendly experience are crucial to students' overall performance and success.

EPOS, the premium audio solutions brand for Enterprise, is launching a new series of headsets for educational institutions, consisting of three headsets, especially developed to support virtual and hybrid learning. The EPOS EDU 10 Series is designed specifically for students in elementary and middle school to help them perform at their best.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disruptive impact on education but also resulted in new opportunities presented by the emergence of virtual and hybrid models of learning. Schools are digitalizing the learning, with an increasing number of students using laptops or tablets to work on personalized lessons or online projects. EPOS aims to support these evolving needs of K-12 students with audio solutions that make learning easier and more seamless, wherever it takes place.

The EPOS EDU 10 Series is especially developed to address the key requirements of K-12 elementary and middle school students in the 10-16 age group. EPOS EDU 10 Series offers lightweight and comfortable headsets with good audio quality for a better learning experience, plug-in-play connectivity, comfortable fit, and compatibility with popular education and collaboration tools including Chromebook, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.
The EDU 10 variant for PC, smartphone, and tablet can be connected via a 3,5mm jack and is certified for Chromebook. EDU 11 USB (single-sided) and EDU 12 USB (double-sided) variants can connect to the PC via USB.

All EPOS EDU 10 Series headsets are sold in boxes of 10 headsets to facilitate easy mass deployment among the institution's students. The EDU 10 Series complements the existing range of EPOS headsets targeted at K-12, university students and teachers. This includes the wired ADAPT 100 Series and the wireless ADAPT 200 Series, which address the needs of students and professionals to study or work from anywhere.

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