F1 is noisy

Open offices set up at the Aston Martin Technology Campus also comes with distractions. Block out external distractions with Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This helps you stay concentrated on your work. *

Every word counts

The high noise environment at the track requires impeccable microphone performance. EPOS headsets come with industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™.

In for the long game

F1 never stops. Our headsets are built for all-day wear, with lightweight design, flexible wearing styles, and soft materials that deliver superior comfort.

State-of-the-art campus needs a headset to match

Aston Martin Technology Campus brings all departments under one roof to maximize efficiency and collaboration. With best-in-class audio performance headset solution that benefits both sides of the call and helps you stay focused and communicate clearly, no matter the level of noise.

New Open Office Headsets

The IMPACT Line in AMF1

To succeed in Formula One, you need the right equipment. The right tools. The right mindset. Learn how the AMF1 team choose their headsets to maximize performance and stay hyper-focused in their journey to becoming a world championship-winning organization.

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How to Choose the Best Office Headset

What you’ll consider the best office headset ultimately depends on your exact requirements. That’s because workplaces are very different when it comes to how often headsets are used, how noisy they are, the amount of hybrid work, and many other factors.

This article guides you to choose the right headset for your needs based on several key-factors.

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EPOS Headsets Meet Microsoft Teams Open Office Requirements

EPOS offers a selection of Microsoft Teams certified headsets designed for open office environments, meeting strict standards for microphone quality, noise suppression, and voice pickup. Microsoft's certification ensures these headsets meet essential criteria for audio excellence and seamless compatibility with Teams.

EPOS’ Open Office headsets has earned the "Premium Microphone for Open Office" label. This means they have passed a rigorous test that measures how well a headset can handle noise from different directions and distances. The headsets surpass standard requirements, showcasing superior noise suppression and microphone quality, effectively handling various environmental distractions.

Microsoft Open Office Requirements