Setting the priority of paired devices

All of our Bluetooth headsets can be paired with and store an internal catalogue of up to 8 different end-devices, and can maintain an active connection with 2 devices at any one time.

Pairing behaviour of Bluetooth headsets

When you switch your headset on, it will try to connect with the last device paired, and then the second-last, and so on, until either it is connected to two devices or has exhausted its internal catalogue.

Defining the order of paired devices

If you wish to redefine the order in which your headset seeks to connect to your various end-devices, you will need to clear the pairing history, and then re-pair the devices in the order you want to have them, which is to say the device with the lowest priority first and the device with the highest priority last.

To clear the pairing history, you will need to perform a reset on your headset.