BTD 800 - general Info - overview

The EPOS BTD 800 is a USB dongle which is used to ensure a strong and stable Bluetooth connection between our Bluetooth headsets and your PC or laptop. EPOS Audio always recommends to use our dongle when using a headset with a softphone running on your computer, even if your computer has built-in Bluetooth.

Do I need to use a dongle?

EPOS Audio always recommends using our dongle if you wish to use a Bluetooth headset with your PC. There are three main reasons for this:

1) Our dongles have all the correct profiles.

You laptop or PC may have internal Bluetooth, but very often the specific Bluetooth profiles required for the correct functioning of our headsets are not present (read more).

2) We can't guarantee the quality of the Bluetooth in other devices.

Your laptop may have internal Bluetooth, but we can't control the signal strength or quality.

3) Our headsets have been tested extensively with our dongle.

This means that you can rest assured that everything will work as expected, and if you have any difficulties, we can help you through step-by-step.

Which dongle do I need?

We have 3 variants of our dongle, the BTD 800 USB and the BTD 800 USB ML and finally BTD 800 III.

The latter variant has extra certification for Microsoft's Skype for Business (also known as Microsoft Lync), and we recommend using this dongle if you will be using this softphone application predominantly.

The new version of the dongle, the BTD 800 MK II is included in every purchase of the SDW 5000 series. This dongle is specifically designed to work with the SDW series and therefore has a different firmware as well as the roman number two engraved into the side.

The BTD 800 III version is specially made for the Impact 1000 Series and includes new features and profiles.