H3PRO Hybrid - Microphones overview

The H3PRO Hybrid has a boom arm with a high-quality microphone for communication. If you do not want to use the boom arm, it can easily be detached. There is a second microphone on the ear cup that can be used when the boom arm is detached for e.g. on-the-go calls. As the second microphone is placed further away from your mouth, it will not pick up your voice as well as the main microphone and you will also experience that it will pick up more noise from your surroundings. As we use the dual microphones to improve noise cancellation for voice pick up, we always recommend that. ​

​If you wish to be muted, you can always lift the microphone to mute. However, if the boom arm is detached, you must mute yourself on your preferred gaming platform as the second microphone will always be unmuted when the boom arm is detached.