GSP 500/GSP 600 - Problems with Microphone

Microphone picks up noise

The noise cancellation effectiveness of the headset, is directly linked to the distance between the microphone and the audio source. Try and put the microphone closer to the mouth, this should improve a little bit as this would lead to a bigger noise-to-signal ratio and hence improve the noise cancellation.

Microphone not working

  1. Most often this is the case when the cable is not pushed all the way into the left earcup of the headset. It can also be that the jack connecting the cable with the PC or the controller is not completely attached and needs to be pushed all the way in.
  2. Also, the new Windows 10 update which has been released in connection to the new GDPR disables microphone on some applications.

Due to new Microsoft Privacy that came with latest update

Go to Settings

In Search Box type “Microphone Privacy Settings”

"Let Apps use your microphone” - Enable this

  1. Sometimes it might also be the case that there is a firmware update for motherboard / on-board sound card, which needs to be installed.
  2. Lastly, try the headset on another device (smartphone laptop etc.). This simple test allows us to get closer to 2 possible outcomes:

a.) If you experience the same symptoms on both devices, then the headset might have a physical defect. Then, you can of course make use of your 2-Year warranty claim and get in contact with our Customer Support.

b.) If the headset works fine on that other device, then there is an issue with your PC / Laptop (initial device). The problem most likely lies within your motherboard / on-board sound card or (if you have) your external sound card. Standard solutions we know would be: driver re-installation, update driver to latest version. And in general: try all jacks (on PCs front & back) to see if any of them are defect.