Game Zero -Troubleshooting

Follow these troubleshooting steps:

Initial checks:

1. All analogue headsets come with detachable PC and console cable, these cables are plugged into the left ear cup of the headset.

2. The first step to check for any kind of audio, microphone or connection issues is to check if the cable is fully plugged into the left ear cup to ensure the long-term stability and prevent any loose-contacts.

3. Test the headset with both Console and PC cable, and check if the headset functions correctly. Test different jack connectors if you have a front / back panel on your PC, as sometimes the problem resides with the connector itself.


1. Test the headset on a different device to determine if the issue is caused by the headset or device.

2. Check if necessary audio drivers are installed and up to date:

3. Check if the Game Zero headset is set as a default device in your end device/application both in "output" and "input" fields: